Renée Frankl’s reply, 1944

Renée Frankl’s reply to her husband's letter. She wrote this from one of her hiding places in Bratislava and their devoted employee, Mrs. Gizela (Gizi) Somogyi, smuggled the letter to Adolf Frankl who was being held in the collecting and concentration camp in Sereď, Slovakia.

30 October 1944
My one and only good, dearest Dolfikam!

I received your heartbreakingly lovely letter and feel reassured that you, my beloved Dolfi, have remained here; I have prayed to the Good Lord that he will go on protecting you and all of us from disaster. It's terrible for me to be without you, my dearest - however I do not want burden you with worries, the main thing is that we are healthy. The dear sweet children are very clever; they pray a lot to G”d for your healthy return as soon as possible. They have been placed somewhere else, I haven´t seen them since but I am in contact with them.

Today it is four weeks and four days since that dreadful fate befell us, but let's not think about it. Talking about myself, I am healthy, thank G”d, and I work hard because as you know, everything is very expensive and the dear children need just the most important basic things. As you know me, my dearest Dolfikam, I am able to endure anything, just let me keep my strength, but my heart is sore and longs for you and the dear parents who were taken away on Thursday at 18.30 hours. Up to now, I haven't received any reliable news as to whether they are still here or are with you. It is simply awful and inhuman to have endure all this, but I hope with G”d`s help we will see each other again for sure.

Thanks to the gallant action of the dear bearer of this letter, (Gizi Somogyi), it is at least possible for us to give each other a sign of life. I have learnt that the dear parents have, unfortunately, been brought to you and hope that you are there together, even though this is no consolation to me. Given that dearest mother has no dress or shoes, I hope that she has some protection for her head and takes care of her health. She left a toothbrush and a long-handled hairbrush in the hospital.

01 November
Today I learnt that the dear parents are, after all, here; it is terrible not knowing anything definite. Please write to me about everything in detail and tell me what you most urgently need. I know nothing about Steffi, Nazi (your siblings). Beni (our adopted child) has been placed. What do you think about Gebauer – Mayersky? The paper, etc., requested but unfortunately not yet (received). Do you have your winter coat and shawl? I await your detailed report.

I kiss and greet you my beloved Dolfikam from the bottom of my heart
Yours for ever and with deep love

Both children send many, many greetings and kisses.

(The following two messages were analogously translated from Slovakian by Tommy Frankl)

Dearest father, best greetings. Thank you very much for the cards. I feel well and pray for you a lot. I send 1,000.000.000 kisses. Yours, Tommy

Dearest father, I, too, send you best greetings. I am with Aunt Ila and Irén. I'm fine here. Don't be cross that I write so little. Again, I send greetings to you and send you 1 000 000 000 000 x 1 000 000 000 000 kisses. Yours, Erika